MOOD4Live Synth Mode Ctrl

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MOOD4Live Synth Mode Ctrl is a M4L control surface designed for use with the Chase Bliss MOOD MKii effects pedal, specifically for the purposes of playing the MOOD Mkii as an instrument or an "effectstrument" in Synth Mode.

To be clear, it is entirely possible to use the MOOD MKii in this way without the use of a control surface such as this. However if you're using the pedal with Ableton Live already, I find this device makes the workflow a lot less clunky.

*Bonus: The controls on this device are also recognized by Ableton Push, so if you're a Push user this is very handy!

All of the controls are based on the ones outlined in the MIDI CC table in the MOOD MKii MIDI Manual, which can be found here:

The controls on this devices are as follows:


An on/off switch for Synth Mode on the pedal. The MIDI Manual refers to this as "exit Synth Mode"


Allows the user to select from one of the 3 output types referenced in the MIDI Manual: Open, On/Off, and ADSR


Referred to as "Octave Transpose" in the MIDI Manual. This isn't thoroughly explained in the manual, but essentially when you press a key on your MIDI controller without this control set, it overrides the Clock knob on the pedal and moves it to the lowest setting by default. This means, if you have the pedal's Loop Channel engaged, the micro-loop will default to its longest possible length and lowest possible bit depth/resolution. The OCTAVE control allows the user to change that. The lowest will yield the longest loop time with the lowest resolution, and the highest setting yields the shortest loop time with the highest resolution.


Exactly what it sounds like. Technically it's portamento, but hopefully you'll let that one slide.

Lastly the ADSR controls each have their own knob on this device, for easy control.

Note: This device has not been tested on versions of Live older than 11.1.5, so purchase at your own risk.

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Upon purchase, you'll get an email download link for the .amxd file for this device. Enjoy!

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MOOD4Live Synth Mode Ctrl

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